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    Double Housing Fluoride Removal
    Under Counter Micro Filtration Purifier

    Great for homes, offices, and RV's. Completely out of sight, the unit simply attaches to the copper or plastic water line using the brass handy T valve. It will process water beneath your sink without taking up precious counter space. This system is not only easy to install but also easy to use.

    Item #100U - Includes Stainless faucet, T- valve (to connect to cold water supply) faucet, all hardware, wrench, and a filter in each housing.

    Dimensions: 13" H with bracket  X 10" L X 5" W

    Please Note: We recommend All Under the Counter Systems to be replaced every 5-7 years as they are under pressure 24 X 7

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    Filter Options:

    Option 1 (Filters #251 and #1014)
    Complete System (filters included) - $256.90
    add 1 extra #1014 for 1 year supply - $332.80

    Option 2 (Filters #1112 and #1014)
    Complete System (filters included) - $256.90
    add 1 extra #1014 for 1 year supply - $332.80

    Fluoridation is NOT a “NATURAL” process and NOT a” NUTRIENT”


    Far from giving fluoride a clean bill of health, the NAS called upon scientists to investigate if current fluoride exposures in the United States are contributing to chronic health problems, like bone disorders, thyroid disease, low intelligence, dementia, and diabetes, particularly in most vulnerable people.

    Fluoride/Increased bone fractures in the elderly.

    The elderly are at increased risk of bone fracture injury because of the long-term bio-accumulation of fluoride in their bones.

    Fluoride seeks out calcium in the body, and there are great calcium reserves in the skeletal system. Most of the fluoride in the body, about 99% is contained in the bone.

    Fluoride and cancer

    As a result of water fluoridation, entire communities, not just the elderly, may face more cancers than would otherwise be the case.

    Dr. Dean Burk, Ph.D. former chief chemist and head of National Cancer Institute Research, believed that the growth of cancer was linked to abrupt environmental change. He was convinced artificial water fluoridation was one of those abrupt changes.

    Thyroid disease and fluoride

    Back in 1955, a report in the New England Journal of Medicine indicated a 400 percent increase in thyroid cancer in San Francisco since the city began fluoridating its drinking water, just five years earlier. Fluoride is well known to interfere with the functioning of the thyroid gland which produces vital hormones that control metabolism.  An impaired thyroid will lead to diminished mental and physical ability. Those affected can become overly-tired, overweight, and depressed.

    If the human body were linked to an engine, the engine management module would be the body’s enzyme poison.  Where are we today? More and more people are diagnosed with the disease.

    Water Fluoridation and Alzheimer’s

    The boomer generation has been tagged with a second nickname ’Generation Alzheimer’s.’

    “Alzheimer’s is a tragic epidemic that has no survivors. Not a single one” says Harry Johns, president, and CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association. “It is a much a thief as a killer.”

    Aluminum accumulation in the brain tissue has long been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. Recent studies have shown that fluoride enables aluminum to enter the brain and accumulate in the brain tissue. Aluminum/Fluoride is often present in finished drinking water.

    Fluoride complex is neurotoxic. It is, therefore, a near certainty that fetuses, babies, children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly will ingest Fluoride neurotoxic for as many years as they consume fluoridated water.                                                                             

    Sodium Fluoride (NaF), a constituent of most toothpaste, has been used as the active ingredient in insecticides, wood preservatives, fungicides, and rat poison. It works on rats by causing lesions in their stomachs which eventually result in the rat bleeding to death. Fluoride can cause irritation or corrosion to the eyes, skin, and nasal membranes. The lethal dose for a 70 kg (154 lb) human is estimated at 5–10 g. Sodium fluoride is classed as toxic by both inhalation (of dust or aerosols) and ingestion by putting in our mouths.


    Aquasmart Technologies Inc.

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    Available Filters:

    Stage 1: Filter #251 KDF55 & GAC for removal of chlorine, heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, zinc, copper, aluminum, THM's, bacteria, bad taste, and odor. This filter is to be replaced every 9-12 months.

    Stage 1: Filter #1112 a KDF85 & GAC for removal of chloramines, chlorine, THM's, all heavy metals such as lead, mercury, zinc, copper, aluminum, bacteria, bad odor and taste, and some sediment. This filter is to be replaced every 9-12 months.

    Stage 2: Filter #1014 Activated alumina for fluoride removal. This filter is to be replaced every 4-6 months.
    Troubleshooting (.pdf)


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  • 100U - Under Counter Micro Filtration Water Purifier
  • Item #100U Flouride Removal Under Counter Purifier

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