• Item #600-20 Whole House System (20")

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    Item #600-20 Whole House Water Filtration System (20")

    One Item #600-20"  (HOUSING ONLY) - $165.00
    *Purchase 2 housings plus 2 brackets,
     ... and we'll throw in 1 wrench free!

    Item #610-20" 10 micron GAC - $148.50

    Item #611-20" 10 micron sediment filter - $71.50

    Item #602 whole house wrench - $13.20

    Item #609
    bracket (for 10" & 20" housings) - $49.50
    Item #607-20" (*see below) - $175.00

    *Whole House Iron / Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction Filter

    If your home’s water supply has high iron, manganese, or hydrogen sulphide contents, you should consider the addition of a whole house iron/hydrogen sulphide reduction filter to your water treatment system. 

    This filter contains manganese greensand which reduced these contaminants through an oxidation/ filtration process, thereby substantially improving water clarity, taste, and odors, while at the same time protecting your plumbing system including toilets, baths, tubs, shower, and appliances such as clothes washer and dishwashers from unsightly staining. It adds no harmful chemicals to water, making it completely safe for drinking water applications. 

    Iron and Manganese reduction will also prolong the life of a reverse osmosis membrane or any other purification system. This filter should be installed right after the pressure tank, on your cold water line. For best results, a pre-sediment filter and post-filter are recommended. 

    When the water flow from your faucet or shower in the house gets reduced, check which filter needs to be replaced by running the empty housing, before changing over. Your savings per year will be substantial. The life of the filter depends on the contamination level and the amount of water consumed on a daily basis. 

    Item #607 product information (.pdf)


    Item #600-20 - The Whole House System has a large capacity housing for higher flow rates. 

    This System offers the following benefits: For bathing, laundry, household plants, brushing your teeth, washing your face, spotless dishes, washing vegetables, and prevents build-up in hot water tanks and appliances.

    *Item #600-10" and 600-20": Typical installation with a minimum of two housings (see photos), two nipples, 1 union, 2 shut-off valves, and two brackets.  The shut-off valves (not included) should be installed one before the first housing from stopping the water from coming into the home and the second bracket should be installed after the second housing to stop water from flowing out of the home and for ease shut-off for each filter change.

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    Detailed product information (.pdf)

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  • Item #600-20 Whole House System (20")
  • Water Filters and Water Purification
  • Item #600-20 Whole House System (20")
  • Water Filters and Water Purification
  • Water Filters and Water Purification
  • Item #600-20 Whole House System (20")

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