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Item #400UV 4-Stage Ultra Violet Under Counter Purifier

Item #400UV 4-Stage Ultra Violet Under Counter Purifier

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4-Stage Ultra Violet
Under Counter 
Purification System

Features point of use under the counter installation for treatment of your drinking and cooking water.  It is easy to install, with a T connection right into the shut off valve to the cold water supply and a stainless steel faucet included.

Pure fresh tasting water for all your drinking, cooking, plants and pets.

Includes: all hardware, stainless steel faucet, T valve ( to connect to cold water supply) wrench, a filter in each housing, UV housing, ballast and bulb.


4-Stage UV System:
Complete system (Filters/UVmodule included) - $495.00
add additional Item#1021 for 1 year supply - $555.00
*Item #1021: set of 4 filters (2 x #1011, 1 x #1012, 1 x #1013)
Dimensions: 15" H  with bracket X 15" L X 5.5" W
System includes:

Filter #1011 - Stage 1 filter: a 5 micron sediment filter for removal of sediment and particles. To be replaced every 3-4 months.

Filter #1012 - Stage 2 filter: a granulated activated carbon filter for removal of chlorine, THM's, bacteria, bad taste and odor. This filter is replaced every 6 months .

Filter #1013 - Stage 3 filter: a 5 micron carbon block for removal of chlorine, bacteria, organic matter, bad taste and odor, trihalomethanes. This filter is replaced every 6 months.

UV Stainless Steel Module - Stage 4: The ultra violet bulb will kill harmful bacteria, viruses, cryptosporidium & giardia found in the water supply, without boiling or chemical additives. The bulb is to be replaced once a year.


Filter Replacement Instructions RO (.pdf)
System Installation instructions (.pdf)
Detailed product information (.pdf) 
4-stage UV drawing (.pdf)

Quick Connection Instructions (.pdf)
Troubleshooting (.pdf)

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