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Item 300 - Under Counter Water Purification System

Item #300 Under Counter Water Purifier

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Under Counter - #300
Single Housing Water Purification System

Uses the newest, most advanced filter medium available - KDF®. Combining this medium with granulated activated carbon significantly reduces chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria and microorganisms from the water, providing clean filtered water for drinking and cooking.

This system is not only easy to install but also easy to use. Great for homes, offices and RV's. Completely out of sight, the unit simply attaches to the copper or plastic water line using the handy T valve. It will process water beneath your sink without taking up precious counter space.

Includes: Includes: stainless faucet, T valve (to connect to cold water supply) all hardware, wrench and Filter.

Dimensions: 13" H  with bracket X 4 1/2" W

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Available Filters:

Filter #251 KDF55 & GAC for removal of chlorine, heavy metals, THM's, bacteria, bad taste and odor. This filter is to be replaced every 9-12 months.

Filter #1112 KDF85 & GAC for removal of chloramines, chlorine, THM's, all heavy metals,  bacteria, bad odor and taste and some sediment. This filter is to be replaced every 9-12 months.




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