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Item #600 Whole House Water Filter System (10" or 20")

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Item #600 Whole House Water Filtration System (10" or 20")

One Item #600-10"  (HOUSING ONLY) - $110.00

* For #600-10" Filters and Parts click here *

One Item #600-20" (HOUSING ONLY) - $150.00

* For #600-20" Filters and Parts click here *


The Whole House System has a large capacity of housing for higher flow rates. 

This System offers the following benefits: For bathing, laundry, household plants, brushing your teeth, washing your face, spotless dishes, washing vegetables, prevents build-up in hot water tanks and appliances.

*Item #600-10" and 600-20": Typical installation with a minimum of two housings (see photos), two nipples, 1 union, 2 shut-off valves, and two brackets.  The shut-off valves should be installed one before the first housings from stopping the water from coming into the home and the second bracket should be installed after the second housing to stop water from flowing out of the home and for ease shut off for each filter change.

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