Hi Emily,

We received our shipment today and my husband had it all set up in seconds. After running the water through the filters for about 10 minutes, we had a wonderfully tasty and clean glass of water! Many thanks for all your guidance and a wonderful water purification system! I will be sure to mention it to all my friends!

Take good care,

Helen S.






Hi Emily!

I just received the filters I ordered from you this afternoon. Boy! that was so fast.I just appreciate so much the amazing service that you had been affording your clients. By the way,the filters were  so great and I could never find any alternative. In fact I stopped using my Brita filters but I still use the pitchers minus the filters. Thank you so much Emily. Wishing you the most for the Season.

Merry Christmas,

Rene G.






Dear Emily

I am writing to let you know about the success of the whole home filtration system I purchased from you and had installed in my house. I don't know if I told you the whole story but our water had extremely high levels of iron and turbidity. We had a private water test done because our water had been a deep yellow and at times brown. I believe I sent you the photos of our bath water? Our family went to the media and I was interviewed on Global news because of the water problem on our street. The problem results from an old water pipe running along our street and the University Endowment Lands administration not taking our water problem seriously. All of my neighbors suffer the same problem along our block.  We moved into the area in February 2006 and starting in about 2012 we started having water problems but they would disappear after a few months. However this water problem started in December of 2014 and got progressively worse. I was finally at the end of my rope when one of my neighbors suggested I contact you at Aqua Smart to get the whole home filtration system.  

 We used the plumber you recommended who has done a lot of these installations and he was excellent. Within an hour of installing the system the water cleared up!!! I had been stressed out and frustrated for months and sick and tired of yellow water. It was embarrassing when guests came over as it looked like someone had urinated in the toilet and not flushed. Our toilets, tiles, grout, sheets, and towels were all getting stained and ruined. As I write this I have had to hire someone to remove all the grout from my large shower and regrout the whole thing. The UEL administration did nothing.

 I didn't realize how happy I could be by having clear water. Your filtration system is excellent and I have recommended it to all of my neighbors affected on my block. It is the only thing that works to clear the water. I am still amazed at how quickly it worked and how well it works.

 Thank you for all the consultation and information you provided to me. I am so appreciative. Please feel free to use my name and letter for potential customers. The system is worth every penny.

Kindest Regards,

Samantha W.






Dear Emily

I want to formally thank you for your OUTSTANDING customer service on February 23, 2015.  I had called in that day very upset as I thought my package was delivered to the wrong address or that there was a shipping error.  It turns out that the package was delivered to our mailbox without a signature which is not how we typically receive packages, but it was there as promised.  Everything was delivered on time and to the correct address, but it was my mistake in not thinking to check our mailbox.  You handled the situation remarkably and went the extra mile in calling Canada Post and by offering to ship another product right away.  Thank you again for not only providing excellent customer service, but also for being so understanding on the phone with me.

Warmest Regards,

Jennifer R.





The water filter I ordered finally came this afternoon.Right now Iam already using it.The filtered water is sparkling clean and never a trace of foul odor. Thank you so much for the marvelous service you have afforded me.I would be telling my friends about this and hopefully they would be ordering from you.Thank you so much Emily.








This is my 2nd filters... love them and now that it has been almost a year time to replace. My shower stays so clean now...no hard water build up or scum on my shower. Can tell the difference as I used to itch all the time. that has ceased and my hair thanks you too!!!

Thank you for a great product...Keep up the good work.







Hi Emily

We just installed our 3 stage under the counter system and it works like a charm.

Thank you so much for your kindness. It is always a pleasure doing business with you

and we are gratefully blessed.

Len and Adina





Hi Emily!

I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank you. It's such a pleasure to turn on the tap and have clean, pure water everywhere in the house. Brian got it all installed and we were using it shortly after. Thank you , Thank you , Thank you.

You have no idea how much this means to me. Brian wasn't to thrilled about it but he knew how much this meant to me, so he went for it. Now Brain can not believe the difference that Aquasmart Water Purification system has made to our home, and to our life's. Thank you, you guys are amazing.

Brian and Kimberly





Hi Emily,

I met you at the Holistic show (the Life Coach, Wellness guy) on Saturday around 2pm. I purchase 2 shower filters from you and I do feel a difference when showering. Just a quick  to touch base and commend you for providing such fine products. I will recommend your company to all of my clients. Thanks again.

Best, Gary Drisdelle

Life/Vision Coach, Wellness Specialist




Thank you Emily and Aquasmart,


At the beginning of 2012, Emily from AquaSmart in BC phoned to let me know that it was time to re-order our shower filters. My husband had taken the call, gave me the message and I set it on the kitchen table as my reminder to call her back soon.  Life got in the way. A few days passed; then a few weeks; then a month or so. I'd pick up the note and go "Oh yes, I've got to call her back." The message would be put down and off I'd go. No phone call made. 

Move forward in time to the evening of April 30, 2012. As we were ending our evening of TV viewing and getting ready to head off to bed, my husband was sitting on the edge of the sofa and scratching/rubbing his calves and thighs.  He asked "Did you change laundry detergent or something?" I responded, "No, I'm using the same brand as always." After a bit of discussion, I got out the bottle of laundry detergent and the liquid fabric softener that I use and had him muscle test (kinesiology) me with it. I won't buy these products without testing first that they won't bother my skin. They were fine. 

I realized that I too had been scratching at spots on my legs for the past week or so as well. "What the heck was it?" Then, the "Ah ha!" moment hit me. The shower filters were way past their changing date! They were old and now ineffective. My bad! 

On the morning of May 1st, I called Emily at AquaSmart. I knew that I was calling too early to get a person, but I left a message as I knew I needed to get these filters ordered immediately.  Emily called back a bit later and I placed my order for 2 new shower filters. I had remembered her talking with me, a year or two earlier, about which filter I'd need depending upon what chemicals the city used in the water cleaning process. I couldn't remember. She said that she'd double check and send out the proper ones. 

In a very short time after that conversation, Emily called back just to let me know that she'd done her research and found that St. Catharines, Ontario used chlorine to clean its' water. How thoughtful of her. 

In a few days the new shower filters will arrive and be installed. No more scratching!!!!! Thank you Emily and AquaSmart. 

With much appreciation,
Patricia Sammy
St. Catharines, Ontario


The Aquasmart water filter has become an essential in our house. We feel an amazing difference to our skin post shower or bath, and there is no mineral scale left to clean inside the shower either. Also great is the fact that the filter is specifically designed to your cities water characteristics. Great service, and a great Canadian product! 

Tanya in Montreal

Hi Emily,

I would like to thank you so much for your calls reminding us that it is time to replace our purification filters. And, when you throw in an awesome 10% discount that is even better. We thoroughly love our purification system and even though I mark my calendar to let me know when we last changed them it is so easy to ignore this and carry on with life. So when I receive your phone call it encourages me to make the call and place the order. 

Thank you again and we love your product that contributes to our good health. 

PS It is also wonderful to talk to someone as pleasant as yourself and I appreciate your great customer service. 

Healthy drinking
Maureen Kasper

Dear Customer Care,

I received the valve, sent via Canada Post, have attached it and all is well with my water flow. I wish to advise that while I was changing the filters, I noticed that the rust that came through the main pipeline[apartment], was trapped in one of the filter chambers, rendering clarity to the filtered water. This was more proof that your system is doing what it is meant to do.. I thank the Universe for paying attention to your advertivement in the Vitality magazine, after bypassing it for years.

Gloria Watson

To Aquasmart

Kudos to Aquasmart (and Canada Post) for the amazing turnaround on this product. It arrived at 8:30 AM this morning at my Rural Route address. Delivery in less than 2 days. Now the next challenge is to get my husband to do the work!

Thanks again and well done.

Love my shower filter!

Just had to tell you for the first time since I've lived in the town of Junction City, Oregon I finally was able to take a shower without the smell of chlorine and actually could feel the difference as well. Thanks and be assured I will be a customer for quite some time.

Keep the Sunshine In...

Dear Emily,

At InspireHealth, Canada's foremost integrative cancer care centre, we recognize the importance of healthful water as an important component of supporting optimal health - adequate hydration with healthful water supports lymphatic, kidney and liver function and supports optimal detoxification. We are very grateful to Aquasmart Technologies for providing our patients with the reputable support and systems that support their health in this way, and for our shared vision of providing people with the tools to optimally support their health. We recommend Aquasmart Technologies to our patients interested in healthful water solutions/systems because of the integrity of the company and their commitment to providing optimally designed cost-effective systems. Thank-you for the work that you do.

Best wishes,
Hal Gunn, M.D.
CEO InspireHealth

What a joy! And, it's been a joy for nearly five years!

You installed our 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtering System in February 2004. Three years later, to reduce acidity in our bodies, we added an Alkaline Filter. Now we can't imagine life without this system.

Our dealings with Aquasmart have been an ongoing pleasure. Emily Testa and her staff are knowledgeable as one would expect. That we are welcomed always with helpfulness, courtesy, patience, friendliness and humour is a bonus we appreciate.

Aquasmart, we highly recommend you!

The Millers
Vancouver, British Columbia

Hi Emily,

We installed our new Aquasmart alkaline water filter system and I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with it. The water is light and tastes great. Thank-you for your support in selecting the appropriate system for us. The ability to customize the system to suits one's needs, and quality of tap water, is a real plus.

Best regards,

Tina, Montreal, Quebec


I believe In natural health, I'm 65 years young.
I bought your 3 stage alkaline system because of price, and quality ! Your competitor is over $2,000 for the same system .

One month ago I added The Aquasmart Alkaline Ceramic filter, because my pH was very low.
I had my water professionally tested, and the pH is in the ten range know. After only one month of using the Aquasmart Alkaline Ceramic filter my Constipation is better, my hair color has come back by 10% because of the added minerals that I'm now getting !!
Also I love the Aquasmart Shower filter.

I recommend your system to everyone I know !! Thank you !

Be well.....LLoyd Brandson.

We are very pleased with the 3-stage Aquasmart Technologies' water purification system that was so kindly advised for our particular situation. I immediately noticed the softness of the water from the shower filters. My hair loves it! We also run ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers around the house. These require water and it feels good to know that our lungs are also benefiting greatly from this pure water. Thank you for a great Canadian product!

-Diane McDermott

Hi Emily, I met you at the Holistic show (the Life Coach, Wellness guy) on Saturday around 2pm. I purchased 2 shower filters from you and I do feel a difference when showering. Just a quick email to touch base and commend you for providing such fine products. I will recommend your company to all of my clients. Thanks again.

Gary Drisdelle,
Life/Vision Coach, Wellness

My many thanks to all of you at Aquasmart that have made it possible for me to regain a near normal life. Since the fluoridation of my city water in January of 2002 I have not been able to shower in my own home with out chemical burns on my skin and scalp. Since March of this year (2005) I stopped all fluoride consumption, in my drinking water, personal care products, and bathing. Unfortunately the bathing part meant a basin sponge bath in Reverse Osmosis water. Reverse Osmosis water being so acid still made my skin and scalp very dry.

As of 8:00 AM this morning I took my first fluoride free shower in my own home. What a great experience. I will never take for granted the simple pleasures good water makes available. My skin feels great. The shower water did not burn. My skin is not dry. And my scalp is free of dry skin.

Thank You - Jo Ann Johnson, Wellington Florida

Dear Aquasmart:

Thank you for your conscientious efforts and professionalism to keep our family, & family pets safe. What a serious expensive well we have found ourselves involved with!!

We had been using one of your Aquasmart systems for many, many years, and we absolutely loved it.

After we moved and drilled a new well, we had no idea what our water quality was going to be like. We automatically assumed that it was a brand new well and therefore the water must be pure. We called Aquasmart for your assistance and expertise. Much to our surprise, as per your suggestion, after we had our water tested, our water wasn't drinkable.

We installed the system that you recommended to us: the whole house pre-filters plus Ultra Violet, plus the five Stage Reverse Osmosis. We can now drink our own pure well water. We trust Aquasmart and your technology, and we will continue to recommend your systems to all our family and friends. Again, thank you so much for all you have done. We are grateful.

Gary & Wendy Benna

Dear Aquasmart:

Aquasmart KDF-55® Shower Filter Great!

I placed my first order with Aquasmart Technologies in July 2003. I was impressed from the very first day with the outstanding quality and effectiveness of the filter, in removing the caustic smell and acrid fumes of chlorine in the shower steam. I used to emerge with red, stinging eyes.

The price is unbeatable. I found a small brand-name filter (Water Pik) here at Canadian Tire for $50.00. It is about half the volume and it doesn't last half as long as the Aquasmart brand.

The effectiveness is not my imagination, either. I just returned from a trip, out of town, where I had to stay in a hotel, and the same old chlorine stink was everywhere. Bad memories returned….

It is too bad that a Canadian product is again ignored. I have had my shower filter now for a long time, and will not do without ever again.

Thank you Aquasmart for all the good work and great products.

Tim Bella