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    The Aquasmart® Survival Kit

    Item #155
    Each Set - $97.90
    1 extra 20 litre Bottle $19.80

    *BPA Free*
    In a short-term emergency, having safe water to drink is even more important than food. In a major catastrophe emergency personnel will be busy taking care of the injured and getting the infrastructure back on line. Even in a major storm you may be left without utilities for days.  Don’t make the mistake that others will be able to help you. You must be self-sufficient. You don’t want to get sick from contaminated water or food, or worst yet, not having any water at all!

    You should store enough water to last each person in each household 3 days minimum. The Aquasmart® 20 litre water container is made from food-grade plastic. Fill each container with chlorinated water from your tap.

    Chlorinated water will keep bacteria from growing in the container. Do not fill with pure water as bacteria can grow very quickly. Ideally these bottles should be stored outside of the house in a protected area and kept in the dark. You want to make sure everyone in the household knows where the emergency supplies are and they should be easily accessible. Water should be changed every six months. 

    The Aquasmart® water survival kit comes with the Aquasmart® Sport Bottle, water from the 20-litre container should be poured into the sports bottle where the polymer filter will remove any waterborne parasites and chlorine, bad taste and odour.  This water should be used for all drinking and cooking. An extra filter is provided in the kit. The sports bottles can also be used with water from a lake or stream.  In an emergency you might not be in your home or able to travel. The sports bottle can be kept on hand in your office or car, for any type of emergency. The 20-litre water bottle is also a great container to take with you to the cabin, camping, picnicking etc. All the products in the Aquasmart® Water Survival Kit can be purchased separately. The cost for The Aquasmart® Water Survival Kit is only $59.00, our recommendation is to purchase a kit for each member of your family.

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