• Item #5010 6-stage System (5-stage Reverse Osmosis plus UV)

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    6-stage System
    (5-stage Reverse Osmosis plus UV)

    Item #5010
    Complete system: $935.00
    *For 1 year supply add additional set of 4 filters (Item#1021), which includes (2x #1011, 1x #1012, 1x #1013) for $74.80 = total $1,009.80

    This state of the art system operates on the principal of osmosis (diffusion) of water through a semi permeable membrane through the sole use of ordinary water line pressure. It works on a normal water pressure of 40 to 85 psi.

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    Please Note: We recommend All Under the Counter Systems to be replaced every 5-7 years as they are under pressure 24 X 7

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    The purification of water takes place in 6 different stages:

    Stage 1: Sediment filter, Stage 2: GAC, Stage 3: A 5 micron carbon block, Stage 4: 18 GPD/TFC membrane, Stage 5: Ultra Violet, Stage 6: Post filter (polishing filter).

    This system will take care of the following: Sediment, chlorine, bad taste and odours, bacteria, fungicides, pesticide inorganic/volatile organic material, nitrates, fluoride, trihalomethanes, giardia, cryptosporidium. Stage 5 which is the UV, is the leading-edge disinfection technology to destroy E.Coli, viruses, bacteria, and other water borne pathogens.

    The system is complete with a full manual. You have a choice of a brushed nickel, polished stainless or white long reach faucet, all the hardware, filters, a 3.5 gallon holding tank, UL approved transformer, UV bulb and sleeve. To be used for rural or municipal water supply.


    ***TURN THE WATER OFF to the system, Turn the faucet on to release the pressure from the system. Unplug Power

    1.Take a towel and spread it on the floor near your kitchen sink.

    2.Take the water system and lay down

    1. Be sure to have the BRACKET on your LEFT, top of the system on your right
    2. Wrap the wrench (given to you with the system) like a hook, and pull TOWARD YOU, just to loosen the housing, use your hands to do the rest.
    3. Over the sink, there will be some water into the housing, take the old filter and gasket out, rinse the housing
    4. Insert the filter into the housing with the opening facing toward to sealing (Open Housing)
    5. Shake the filter around the housing a little to be sure that is sitting in the correct position
    6. If the Filter has ONE gasket, the gasket MUST FACE THE BRACKET. If a filter has two gaskets it does not matter which way goes into the housing.
    7. Put the bracket onto the housing and screw it back on, UP SIDE DOWN,
    8. Repeat with all the other filters, the same way.

    Turn the water back on and check for any leaks

    When done, be sure to run the water for 5-8 minutes. Enjoy pure refreshing water.


    Filter Replacement Instructions RO (.pdf)
    Detailed product information (.pdf)
    Installation instructions (.pdf)
    5-stage drawing (.pdf)

    Quick Connection Instructions (.pdf)

    Troubleshooting for 5-6 Stage Systems

    Purchase Now using our secure online system above, or call 1-888-294-3636 to order and let us help you choose the best system and filter(s) for your area.

  • Item #5010 6-stage System (5-stage Reverse Osmosis plus UV)
  • Item #5010 6-stage System (5-stage Reverse Osmosis plus UV)

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